Bch tradingview


TradingView UK. View live Bitcoin Cash / Euro chart to track latest price changes. Trade ideas, forecasts and market news are at your disposal as well.

BCH/USD currently trading at $724 Buy-level: $650 - $725 Resistance level 1 (Target 1) : $1800 Resistance level 2 (Target 2) : $3000 Follow Our Tradingview Account for More Technical Analysis Updates, | Like, Share and Comment Your thoughts. Red arrows technical analysis gap resistance Financial stocks are going through a better time than 10 years ago. I am fulfilling the purpose of publish a variety of ideas and different stock symbols at different prices according to the tastes, assets, capital, styles of traders (swing or position) even for Options traders with a Price Action oriented style. View live Market Cap BCH, $ (CALCULATED BY TRADINGVIEW) chart to track latest price changes.

Bch tradingview

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ベーシックアテンショントークン. BAT/JPY. +7.72 %. 55.55 円.

View Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price charts in USD and other currencies including real time and historical prices, technical indicators, analysis tools, and other cryptocurrency info at GoldPrice.org. Bitcoin Cash Price chart by TradingView&

1hour. 8hour.

Bch tradingview

TradingView UK. Interactive financial charts for analysis and generating trading ideas on TradingView!

Bch tradingview

-1.05 %. 51,956 円.

Order Book. Trade Feed  始値55646.00高値56550.00安値55645.00終値56410.00. MA (9, close, 0). 43645.4444.

BTC is almost at 14k$ now and given a good beating to most of the alts. BCH is taking most of the beating since its directly co-relating with BTC. Right now further price all depends on BTC, if it goes higher i.e 15k!!!!! then BCH will go down further. But BTC has to correct at some point, this crasy run cannot be sustained. ดูชาร์ตบิทคอยน์ต่อดอลลาร์แบบสดๆ ติดตามราคา btcusd แบบ TradingView India. View live BANGKOK CHAIN HOSPITAL PUBLIC COMPANY NON-VOTING chart to track latest price changes.

Hello guys, we had analyse BCH/BTC market and found falling wedge pattern and had drawn target price as per pattren breakout and got small bearish divergence and market may move till D-wave. As we know falling wedge is a bullish pattern but market condition is not good but you can trade according to per market breakout and can book decent profit. TradingView . ID. TradingView. Ticker Ide bch udh kembali tembus resisten di angka 700 dolar yang membuat area support di angka 700 dolar kemungkinan BCH akan TradingView India.

The latest Bitcoin impulse reminds me of the previous one from 8k to 40k. Step 1: BTC broke two key rejection zones in a row, the 20k and 30k to finally find resistance around the 40k. Step 2: then we had a deep retest/correction till around 30k before 364. 141. Bitcoin: … TradingView. Se Connecter Ticker Idée de trading Idées Éducatives Scripts Membres Idée de trading Idées Éducatives Scripts Membres bch udh kembali tembus resisten di angka 700 dolar yang membuat area support di angka 700 dolar kemungkinan BCH akan koreksi lagi dari angka 750 menjadi di bawah krena jika kita lihat dri RSI udh menunjukkan angka jenuh jual 1. 0.

0. Une opportunité de trading pour acheter au BCHBTC . BCHBTC, D. Long. ForecastCity. Les prévisions à moyen … TradingView . FR. TradingView . Ticker Idée de BCH va connaitre un Hard Fork le 13 Novembre (amélioration du code) et semble une bonne option alternative aux potentiels 2.

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BCH đã có một đợt điều chỉnh khá mạnh, điều đó cũng dễ hiểu - Trong giai đoạn uptren vừa rồi, BCH là một trong những đồng coin tăng ấn tượng và luôn đi trước thị trường - Hiện tại giá đang giữ ở vùng hỗ trợ mạnh 360-380$ - Tôi đặt 1 kỳ vọng …

BCH is now at the bottom of our trend line.